Serie B goals

Mauricio Pinilla (1-0): Serie B (2010-03-27) Grosseto - Cesena 1-1

Pinilla continues to produce goals for Grosseto in Serie B. He scored one from the penalty spot in the game against Cesena. Grosseto and Brescia both have 49 points, right behind the top 3 teams in the Serie B. Watch the goals below.

Nicolás Córdova (1-1): Serie B (2010-03-27) Albinoleffe - Brescia 1-1

Nicolás Córdova scored the early equalizing goal for Brescia against Albinoleffe. Brescia are now on third place, two points behind the spot for Serie A next season. Pinilla's Grosseto are rivals right behind on the same points. Córdova is a thirty-one-year old central midfielder who has played for several Italian clubs since 2002. Unfortunately he has only played three games for Chile, and may not be an option for Bielsa's squad for the World Cup.

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