The End

Game Over - Entry nr 100.

This will be the last entry of this blog. If you are a new reader, start from the beginning which was in February 2010.
When I started this blog, I did it because I was looking forward to seeing Chile play at the World Cup again. One of my fondest memories of football was when I was 15 years old and Salas, Zamorano and the rest of the Chilean football team took the world by storm at the World Cup in France 1998.

The team that they would bring to South Africa 12 years later, was so much better. Two days after I wrote the first entry in this blog, Chile was struck by a massive earthquake which made us Chileans worry about our people. Risen out of ashes, I knew that the football team would represent the Chilean people at the World Cup. It made me become more interested in the team and I followed any news that I would come across. Many posts ended here.

When the World Cup finally arrived, my hopes were answered when Chile won their first match against Honduras. Now I knew that they were ready for the party. Unfortunately, the party ended yesterday but the World Cup continues a few more days, without Chile. Chile lost to the number 1 team in the World at this moment Brazil. I know that 99% of all Chileans are satisfied with the effort that Chile made during the tournament. We just cannot win against Brazil, they have put a voodoo spell on us. I have only two things to complain about and they were not even Chileans. I believe that the Vuvuzelas and many of the referees destroyed much of the World Cup experience. More postitive was Chile's play, according to many experts a fresh wind to the World Cup.

The original name of the blog is Chile - Road to World Cup 2010. Now that road is over and there is no use to continue writing here. Thanks to Tailsweep, I have had the pleasure to see where my you, my readers come from. Thanks to Google translate, you were able to read my words in your own language. I have had visitors from many parts of the world. However, some of you have entered almost every day. Santiago, Stockholm, London, California, Toronto, Texas, Edmonton, Sydney, Melbourne and the rest of you, thanks. I will probably continue writing something else, or similar in the near future, I will post a link to my new blog here. Now I will enjoy the summer.

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/Viva Chile Mierda!

3 Reasons Why Chile Were Eliminated

1. Wasted Scoring Opportunities
During the first two games, Chile were so superior the other teams and could have scored by many goals if they had not wasted their opportunities. If Chile would have a better goal difference, they would have been number one in Group H and played against Portugal, which I think are a weaker opposition than Brazil. More goals in these two games would have also meant more confidence for the players and more frightening the next opponents.

2. Marco Rodriguez
I usually don't complain for more than a day about the referee. But with the Mexican (I refuse to call him a referee), we were stolen a fair chance of playing our game against Spain. We lost that game because of a man that would do anything to put himself in the center of attention. Our players got afraid of playing their play of constant pressure on the opponent. I think that FIFA needed Spain in the round of 16 and selected a referee that was not afraid of controversy. Spain were good enough to kill the game after Millar's goal, but seriously ... Two shots on goal and two goals? Is that the game that will take Spain to a World Cup title? Marco Rodriguez took away our opportunity to play with two of our best players against Brazil. The game against Spain was not tough, it was constantly destroyed by Rodriguez whistle and cards. Estrada was also incorrectly sent off for the invisible touch against Torres. We could have had a better chance against Brazil if we would have had another referee instead of Marco Rodriguez. I know that Australia hate him as well.

3. Great Opposition
For the two games, Chile played against the number two in the World, Spain. They are European Champions after a great tournament in 2008 and were undefeated in the qualifying round for the World Cup. Their league is ranked as the best of the World and its players are among the best ranked players in the world.
In the round of 16, Chile played against Brazil, who are currently the best Nation in the World at this sport. A country with the best tradition of creating the best and technically skilled players. Previously from previous generations, Brazil have a team which skills in not only in it's attacking, but also at the defense and a goal keeper of World Class. We were put down by an effective Brazil that scored in their every opportunity. Chile could have had a better chance with Medel and Ponce on the field.
Chile could have reached the finals, with better luck at the draw and played teams like Italy, France or Denmark. Instead we lost against the best two teams in the World. We are out of the World Cup in South Africa 2010 with pride and honor. Chile are one of the few teams that have been a pleasure to watch as they fearless attacked with players that gave their all and a staff that cared about the players, fans and the country.

World Cup in Brazil 2014, here we come!

Group Stage Stats

I have added the stats from rounds 1-3 to see which continent have had the best World Cup so far.

  1. America: 12 wins - 8 draws - 4 loss: 1.83 point average
  2. Europe: 15 wins - 10 draws - 14 loss: 1.41 point average
  3. Asia: 4 wins - 5 draws - 6 loss: 1.13 point average
  4. Africa: 3 wins - 5 draws - 10 loss: 0.78 point average
Goals Scored
  1. America: 29 goals: 1.21 goal average
  2. Europe: 43 goals: 1.10 goal average
  3. Asia: 15 goals: 1.00 goal average
  4. Africa: 14 goals: 0.78 goal average
Goals Conceded
  1. America: 14 goals: 0.58 goal average
  2. Europe: 37 goals: 0.95 goal average
  3. Africa: 22 goals: 1.22 goal average
  4. Asia: 28 goals: 1.87 goal average


Chile - Brazil 0-3

Chile lost in the round of 16 against Brazil, again. Just as in, almost on the day, twelve years ago at the World Cup in France 1998. That time, Brazil was up 3-0 at halftime but the game ended with 4-1.

Chile started the game very well, they were fearless and had pressure on the Brazilian who were pushed back to defense. After about 10 minutes, Brazil were able to move up a bit and create opportunities. There were many shots from the outside of the penalty area from both teams, but they were either wide or taken by the goalkeepers.

Chile was in the game for 35 minutes where Sanchez and Suazo had the Brazilian defense on hold. Beausejour was also very active with his runs and challenges. Brazil's best man was Maicon at his right side. They got a corner from the right in the 34th minute where Juan got his head on the ball and Bravo was close to saving it. It was no argue, 182 cm Juan's goal was a light of confidence for the Verde-Amarela. A few minutes later, Robinho passed to striker Luis Fabiano, who escaped the offside and scored by rounding Bravo. 2-0 and Chile was down on 9. Chile tried to get up and continue the fight but with Gonzalez's two opportunities wasted at the end of the first half. Bielsa had to do something at the break.

And how he did it! Tello, who I wanted at the left midfield against Spain, and Valdivia came in instead of Contreras and Gonzalez. Contreras was too slow to catch up with the speedy Brazilians and Gonzalez had wasted too many opportunities to gave Bielsa's confidence for the rest of the match.

Vidal was booked early on the second half and Chile lost its fighting power. Man of the match, Robinho got an opportunity to score and took it in the 60th minute. Now it was all or nothing. Last match's success, Millar came in instead of Isla, who had no luck in the right side. Chile tried with many combinations but could not break up Brazil's tight defense. Suazo, Sanchez, Valdivia and Beausejour had semi-opportunities but with no chance of scoring. The game ended and Brazil crushed us again. Now they are up with 47 wins against our 7. Chile is out of the tournament, but with our great play won many new fans from around the world.

Notable after the game was that:
Maicon's dive in the 35th is a sign that he will be joining L.A. Galaxy, close to Hollywood.
Sanchez was only superb against bad competition, but is he good enough for Sir Alex?
Brazil have mental superiority over Chile.
For the first time, the referee was very good.
Brazil's defense was their strength.
Can Luis Fabiano ever have a bad game against Chile?
Valdivia is at his best when he is a substitute.
Bielsa is not afraid of substituting any player that have not achieved good standard.
2005-2010: Brazil - Chile 28-6.
World Cup 2014, Chile will be there.

Mission Impossible?

Chile wins: 7
Draws: 12
Brazil wins: 46 47

28 June 2010: Chile - Brazil World Cup in South Africa

They have the numbers, we have the heart and spirit

Chile Lineup pt 4

1. Bravo

18. Jara 5. Contreras 2. Fuentes 8.Vidal

4. Isla 6. Carmona 15. Beausejour

7. Sanchez 9. Suazo 11. Gonzalez

Focus on our Rivals: Brazil

Qualification: 1st in South American qualification group World Ranking: 1 Head Coach: Dunga Captain: Lúcio Most Capped Player: Cafu 142 (1990-2006) Top Goalscorer: Pelé 77 (1957-1971).

Star Players: The Whole Team!

The Team: Brazil is the most successful National team in the history of the World Cup with 5 Championships. They are one of the favorites of winning the tournament, as they are for this one as well. They come as the number one ranked team in the World and they won their qualification group with 34 points, however only one more than Chile. To this World Cup, they come with one of the greatest goalkeeper in Inter Milan's Julio Cesar, winner of the Serie A, Coppa Italia and the Champions League this season. The defence is top class as well with two more players from this year success Inter Milan, Lucio and Maicon. Juan and relatively new player Michel Bastos from Lyon. Their midfield is mainly concentrated to the creative play of Kaka, star player from Real Madrid. Brazil's top weapon has always been their attacking play. Luis Fabiano and Robinho are two of the chosen players to conduct a 6th championship to Brazil.

How They Got Here: Just as Chile, Brazil were outstanding in the South American qualification round. However, they are always keeping the same top quality no matter what team they bring out. They played 18 games and managed to only lose two of them. Chile lost both matches, at home with 0-3 and in Brazil with 4-2. Luis Fabiano was the top goal scorer with 9 goals and managed to get on top of the worst discipline list with one red and 3 yellow cards.

Form: They are always winning. In the group stage of the World Cup, They won 2 games against North Korea (2-1) and against Ivory Coast (3-1). The final game against Portugal was left scoreless.

Our Chances of Beating You: According to FIFA, Chile have not overcome Brazil since a friendly in 1993. Last time Chile went to the round of 16, they met Brazil who won with 4-1. Brazil won both matches in the qualification round with a total of 7-2. In the Copa America in 2007 Brazil met Chile in the group stage and won with 3-0. They met again in the quarter final and Brazil crushed Chile with 6-1. Castrol gives Chile a low 22% chance of winning the game.

Chile can win if they play as they have before, fearless. They need to forget who they are playing and just do their game. They will only have a few chances so they must score on any opportunity they get. Once again Alexis Sanchez will play against the left defender who is the weakest in the lineup, Michel Bastos. Bravo needs to show that he is better and not make the same mistake as he did against Spain, when they scored the first goal. Bielsa must show that he is several levels better a manager than Dunga.

My Prediction: Chile - Brazil 2-2 (5-4 on penalties).


Round 3 Stats

Asia took some ground and managed to get the first place for points per average and goals for. They also had most goal against as well.

  1. Asia: 2 wins - 2 draw - 1 loss: 1.60 point average
  2. America: 3 wins - 3 draws - 2 loss: 1.50 point average
  3. Europe: 5 wins - 2 draws - 6 loss: 1.31 point average
  4. Africa: 2 wins - 1 draw - 3 loss: 1.16 point average
Goals Scored
  1. Asia: 7 goals: 1.40 goal average
  2. Africa: 8 goals: 1.33 goal average
  3. Europe: 14 goals : 1.08 goal average
  4. America: 5 goals: 0.63 goal average
Goals Conceded
  1. America: 3 goals: 0.37 goal average
  2. Africa: 7 goals: 1.17 goal average
  3. Europe: 17 goals: 1.31 goal average
  4. Asia: 7 goals: 1.40 goal average

Chile - Spain 1-2

The day after. Chile has qualified to the round of 16 against Brazil this Monday. Even though Chile lost to Spain, Switzerland could not manage to win against Honduras. These results lead to Spain winning Group H with 6 points but with better goal difference than Chile.

The game started in a somewhat slow tempo, and Chile had a golden opportunity to take the lead when M. Gonzalez easily could have put the ball behind Casillas, but the ball hit his shinguard missed the open goal. It would have been a different game, with Spain chasing two goals instead. The Mexican referee took charge of the game by starting to blow for everything and started to hand out yellow cards to the Chileans. Medel and Ponce were wrongfully booked in the first 20 minutes. This would mean that Chile's best two defenders will miss the game against Brazil. It could have not started worse. Estrada got a yellow card after a tackle, that was mainly the only right decision in the first half. Right after that, Spain got an opportunity when Bravo put the ball by Villa's feet and he made no mistake and scored from 40 meters into an open goal.

Beausejour got a chance when he was alone with Casillas but missed by centimeters. That would have mean 1-1 but instead Iniesta put all hopes to an end when he scored for Spain after a mistake from a Chilean defender. During that goal, worst player of the tournament, Estrada was sent off after a second yellow card, when he unintentionally (?) interfered golden boy Torres. Torres crocodile tears were sad enough to affect Rodriguez. Every play and decision went against Chile in the first half.

During the second half, Bielsa made some changes when Valdivia and Gonzalez were replaced by Paredes and Millar. Paredes took Gonzalez place and Millar took Estradas place as Valdivia's offensive role was sacrificed.

Millar took the opportunity and gave all Chileans hope when he scored from outside the penalty area with a shot that left Casillas standing still. The rest of the game was a stalemate and Spain seemed confirmed with the result. Chile, with one man less since 40th minute fought very courageous and Rodriguez seemed more humane. Orellana came in with 30 minutes left when he replaced Sanchez who had run throughout the whole match. Pretty much nothing happend from minute 60 and forward.

Notable after the game was:

It would have been a totally different game if Gonzalez had scored in the 8th minute.
Gary Medel was again, Chile's best player.
Villa's goal was a present.
Estrada never should have played.
El Niño vs. El Niño Maravilla ended in a narrow win for Sanchez.
Spain can not be happy with their play.
Marco Rodriguez was totally predictable.
Marco Rodriguez will not be the referee in any more matches.
FIFA and their referees are useless this far.
Yet another red card in the first half.
Estrada, Klose, Gourcuff, Kaita, Kewell and Behrami have been sent off in the first half.
Brazil will, even with Ponce and Medel, be too difficult.
I am sorry Honduras, you were not spectators, thanks for holding Switzerland down.


El Niño vs. El Niño Maravilla

Alexis "El Niño Maravilla" Sanchez
Date of Birth: 19 December 1988
Height: 168 cm
Shirt number: 7
Position: Forward
Current club: Udinese (ITA)
International Caps: 31
International Goals: 11

Fernando "El Niño" Torres
Date of Birth: 20 March 1984
Height: 181 cm
Shirt number: 9
Position: Forward
Current club: Liverpool (ENG)
International Caps: 75
International Goals: 24

Let's show the world who the real El Niño is.