Chile - Honduras 1-0

Marcelo Bielsa decided to play the expected starting eleven, the only surprise would have been if Suazo started the game, but did not because of injury. Jorge Valdivia took his spot as the center attacker; however his ideal position is somewhat farther down the field, as an attacking midfielder. The game started, and Chile took commands right away. Honduras only lent the ball a few times and could not get any chance of scoring during the first half, besides for a free kick at the end of the half that Bravo could stop. Chile literally played with their opponents and the Honduran defenders where kept busy. The Chilean played short and fast, sometimes longer passes to Sanchez at the right.

I don’t know where FIFA found the referee, apparently from the Seychell Islands in the Indian Ocean, but I wonder if he has been a ref at this level. Carmona got a yellow card early on and it was probably not an offence at all. Mati was the second one to receive the yellow card after 19 minutes, it was also wrong. Honduras star player Wilson Palacios got booked after 33 minutes and as objective, I do not think that it was an offence at all. Sanchez should have received a free kick with him when he was brutally stopped by Honduran defender, the ref gave Honduras a goal kick. Nothing right so far by the ref. Hopefully he will not ruin the rest of the game.

In the first half Chile played well thought the whole field, Sanchez and Beausejour had good chances of scoring. Sanchez is hot and almost every attacking ball goes through him. However much of the time, he overplays it. Don’t worry Sanchez, you are great and your goal will come sooner than later. Jean Beausejour scored Chile’s first goal of the World Cup after a low center from Isla from the right side. It was a good play that resulted in a fine goal.

The second half started with a dangerous attacking attempt by Honduras where last man Medel could stop the Honduran, a suspicious penalty but replay show that it was a perfect tackle. Millar stepped out early in the second half, when he was substituted with Jara.

In the 64th minute, the Honduras keeper stole a goal from Ponce, when he saved from a near header. It was most certain 2-0 for a second there. Honduras remain idle, their attempts on attacking are quickly stopped by the Chilean defense. Chile has control of the game and most of the scoring chances are ours. The last touch is always one too much.

Vidal was substituted against Contreras in the 81st minute as Chile was strengthening their defense by attacking a bit more. Valdivia was substituted in the 87th minute to Mark Gonzalez. It was a nervous last minutes of the game, but Chile won by 1-0 in a game that could have ended 5-0. Good Job! Switzerland – Run!

Notable after the game was that:

The World Cup has now started.

The referee will not judge the final.

For the first time in the tournament, I could hear a song from the crowd when Chileans sang “Vamos Chilenos…”. Burn the Vuvuzelas!

TV-commentators and studio praised Chile’s game, how young and fearless they were and also much about their great passing and movement. Medel stopped everything and everyone.

Mati has the brain, but he needs more muscle. His free kicks are always where they should be.

The best player was Sanchez; most of the chances came from his right side, and right behind him was Vidal, he was everywhere … love the crosses.

Chile has always a lot of players when attacking, watch and learn Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, New Zealand, France and many other teams.

As I said in a previous entry, Honduras qualified by luck and came as spectators to the World Cup.

It is a good day to be a Chilean, we have the most attractive football and the team played a perfect game. They controlled it from the first minute to the last, and not by defending themselves, read Italy, but by attacking and creating opportunities of scoring.

20 shot at goal, most of all teams this far.

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