Suazo Injured

Humberto "Chupete" Suazo, one of Chile's best players is injured and might miss the World Cup. Suazo injured his hamstring while playing in the match against Israel. He was taken to hospital and it was merely confirmed that he might miss the opening game against Honduras, but will hopefully be back to face Switzerland or Spain. Bielsa is also taking out his final squad, and with Suazo injured there might desperate actions. Will he gamble and include Suazo in the 23-player squad? If not, who can take his place?

"Chupete" recently came back from an injury, that time it was his shoulder that was bothering him. However, that did not stop him from scoring against Israel despite being absent from the football field for a month. All we wish now is Suazo to get better.


Ruggero Cheliano! said...

fuuuucccckkkkkkk! :((((

Born in Chile. said...

couldn't agree more, but don't worry we have Sanchez