BAN the Vuvuzela

After watching the opening game between South Africa and Mexico is cannot see this World Cup as a football fest. I hate the sound that the "fans" are making with their horns, a.k.a. Vuvuzelas. I have a decent lcd-tv with a nice surround system, but it gets that bad that I have to watch the game on mute because of the bad sound. They are football killers. I am used to go to see local live football and I have sung at the stadium, I suppose that I have the European fan-mentality. But I am pretty sure that I share the same argument like thousands, if not millions other football fans from across the globe (except maybe South African).

It is their World Cup, and it might have been because of their home game, but I hope that if there is any fan reading this who is present at the World Cup in South Africa. Boycott the Vuvuzela! Or buy one, support the locals, and then burn it. Please. I can't stand that sound.

Please, NO Vuvuzelas in any Chilean game !!!

Now I realize that the entry was a bit negative. However, after watching the first half of France - Uruguay, the pain is still there. Whatever happened to singing and cheering on your team? Exactly what is the purpose of the Vuvuzela, besides being annoying? My World Cup experience that I have waited for for 12 years, is at this moment being crushed because of you, Vuvuzela blowers. A football game on mute is a pain in the ass as well, but believe me when I tell you, Vuvuzela you are a worthless piece of crap. Thanks for the headache.

Football killer


Anonymous said...

agreed they are a disgrace & will ruin the world cup for millions of people.

Anonym said...

Now it has started and it's a bug, there are a couple of petitions online to ban the vuvuzela from the World Cup. Here's one:

J Ho said...

The World Cup belongs to the people of the world - not the South Africans.

The hosts have ruined the World Cup for their guests.

FIFA - you are the dumbest people in the world

ESPN - you are a close second