3 Reasons Why Chile Were Eliminated

1. Wasted Scoring Opportunities
During the first two games, Chile were so superior the other teams and could have scored by many goals if they had not wasted their opportunities. If Chile would have a better goal difference, they would have been number one in Group H and played against Portugal, which I think are a weaker opposition than Brazil. More goals in these two games would have also meant more confidence for the players and more frightening the next opponents.

2. Marco Rodriguez
I usually don't complain for more than a day about the referee. But with the Mexican (I refuse to call him a referee), we were stolen a fair chance of playing our game against Spain. We lost that game because of a man that would do anything to put himself in the center of attention. Our players got afraid of playing their play of constant pressure on the opponent. I think that FIFA needed Spain in the round of 16 and selected a referee that was not afraid of controversy. Spain were good enough to kill the game after Millar's goal, but seriously ... Two shots on goal and two goals? Is that the game that will take Spain to a World Cup title? Marco Rodriguez took away our opportunity to play with two of our best players against Brazil. The game against Spain was not tough, it was constantly destroyed by Rodriguez whistle and cards. Estrada was also incorrectly sent off for the invisible touch against Torres. We could have had a better chance against Brazil if we would have had another referee instead of Marco Rodriguez. I know that Australia hate him as well.

3. Great Opposition
For the two games, Chile played against the number two in the World, Spain. They are European Champions after a great tournament in 2008 and were undefeated in the qualifying round for the World Cup. Their league is ranked as the best of the World and its players are among the best ranked players in the world.
In the round of 16, Chile played against Brazil, who are currently the best Nation in the World at this sport. A country with the best tradition of creating the best and technically skilled players. Previously from previous generations, Brazil have a team which skills in not only in it's attacking, but also at the defense and a goal keeper of World Class. We were put down by an effective Brazil that scored in their every opportunity. Chile could have had a better chance with Medel and Ponce on the field.
Chile could have reached the finals, with better luck at the draw and played teams like Italy, France or Denmark. Instead we lost against the best two teams in the World. We are out of the World Cup in South Africa 2010 with pride and honor. Chile are one of the few teams that have been a pleasure to watch as they fearless attacked with players that gave their all and a staff that cared about the players, fans and the country.

World Cup in Brazil 2014, here we come!

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