Tshwane/ Pretoria Lotus Versfeld Stadium

The match tonight will be played in Tshwane/ Pretoria at the Lotus Versfeld Stadium. It is an old stadium built in 1903 and renovated in 2009. It is an open stadium with no roof so hopefully the Vuvuzela sounds will disappear into outer space. It is also used as a Rugby stadium. Four matches have been played there to this day.

Serbia - Ghana 0-1
South Africa - Uruguay 0-3
Cameroon - Denmark 1-2
U.S.A. - Algeria 1-0

The match starts at 20:30 local time and the other game in Group H, between Switzerland and Honduras is played at the same time in Mangaung/Bloemfontein.

The referee is Mexican Marco Rodriguez, with International appearances since 1999. He speaks Spanish as all the players on the field, so hopefully there will not be misunderstandings. He has been the referee at the game Germany - Australia 4-0 (1 red - 5 yellow). Let's hope that he will not choose to be the center of attention. We have had really bad referees, and many people have reacted on the level that they have had. Lots of warning have been handed out without motivation and red cards are given out like presents on Christmas. Unfortunately, with so much on stake and with players with same native language, I believe that it will be a tough game with many warning and maybe even a red card in the game tonight. We will not be given the same advantage as we did against Switzerland. Will the Mexican take the pressure and help us take down the Motherland?

Pórtate bien, Cabrón !

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