Chile - Switzerland 1-0

Switzerland came to the game with 2 changes, Frei & Behrami start the game. Both Swiss stars have been injured and missed the clash against Spain. Referee mark instantly Suazo after 1 minute, correct? Maybe if it would have been later in the game. Now he has to mark for every similar incident. In the 7th minute he wrongfully gave the Swiss’ a freekick after Medel slipped and solved the situation, but the ref saw a foul.

In the 10th minute, Vidal shoots dangerously and Benagli saves and it goes out to Carmona who shoots as well and Benagli makes a good double save.

The first 20 minutes was a struggle for marking who is going to control the match. There were a lot of calls from the referee who seems to be the one who is in control. Chile started the game well, but Switzerland worked themselves into the match.

Carmona got warned in the 22nd minute and is out of the clash against Spain. Ponce is next man to be warned by the crazy Arab.

A light in the tunnel came in the 30th minute, when Behrami got sent off after an elbow in the face against Vidal. Commentators said it was an exaggeration by Vidal and not a red card. I don’t care to agree. Chile plays with one more player for 2 thirds of the game. Now is our chance to score and keep Switzerland behind us. After the expulsion of Behrami, Switzerland seems to fall in to the state of defending with 10 players, just as they did against Spain.

Veteran Frei is substituted before the end of the first half against Barnetta, Vidal’s teammate in Bayer Leverkusen. Now Switzerland has only one forward, Nkufo.

I wonder what Bielsa will say to the team during the pause? We know that he and the assistant can be firm, thanks to the documentary Ojos Rojos. Important things to talk about, is to continue to create chances. Those players that are warned should take it easy, because the ref is unpredictable. If another player is to be sent out, I bet that the ref will look at the Chileans.

Gonzalez and Valdivia are brought in substitute against Suazo and Vidal. Interesting formation. Valdivia should take Suazo’s place just as in the game against Honduras and Gonzalez should take the left side of the midfield. Beausejour can step down also and Gonzalez could be the left attacker as well.

The ref continues to give out cheap cards. Barnetta is next to be booked by the crazy Arab. In the following free kick from the attacking left, Sanchez scores, but stands offside and the goal is not confirmed.

Chile starts the second half in a very good way. Lots of short passes and a lot of movement and it’s only a matter of time until the goal arrives. The Swiss’ are defending themselves good but don’t seem to have that flow, which the ref keeps breaking all the time. Their offensive play is at this time non-existing.

Sanchez has a great chance after blocking a pass from the Swiss defender, but can’t seem to get pass the goalkeeper. About 5 easy goals have been wasted by Sanchez in this tournament. It is a wonderful football to watch thought. Sanchez has easily doubled his value by now; Sir Alex must be keen to know the price.

Inler stops Sanchez brutally and is warned. Unfortunately Mati is also booked for nothing, and is now ineligible for the match against Spain. In the following moment, a Swiss defender magically falls in the penalty area, and Medel is warned. Where do these people come from? I got a bit rough for a moment there as the nervousness is spreading around the world to the pitch.

Paredes is last man to have the chance to play this game. He is substituted in the 64th minute to Mati Fernandez. Valdivia steps down and takes Mati’s place as Paredes takes Suazo’s original spot as a center forward. Hitzfeld makes an offensive substitution as Nkufo goes out and Derdiyok, a young, talented, tall forward comes in.

GOOOOOL CHILE!!!! In the 75th minute, Gonzalez scored with a header as he was standing alone in the left side of the penalty area. The play was made by Valdivia who passes beautiful and Paredes snap the ball, round the goalkeeper and crosses to Gonzalez who stands alone and can make no mistake. It’s wonderful to see that length has no significance, 175 cm Mark Gonzalez scores from a header.

Chile had many chances during the last 10 minutes when they counterattack where Paredes, Gonzalez and Sanchez should have scored from their chances. Chile have luck in the 90th when Derdiyok could have scored for Switzerland but shot too much to the left. Valdivia tried to get a penalty, should have received an Academy Award, got a yellow card instead.

Chile has won the game with 1-0. We have 6 points and are one step closer to the next round. However, remember that Chile might not advance with 6 points. Read this entry and see why.

Notable after the game was that:

Suazo seems a bit slow, although he has only played one half (against Israel) since his shoulder injury 24th April.

Lichsteiner shouted louder than the Vuvuzelas in the 35th minute when he got a free kick against him. Frustration is a bitch ain’t it?

Sanchez should only train on finishes for the rest of his stay in South Africa.

Vuvuzelas keep ruining the World Cup experience, somebody burn them.

Both Chile's goals have come from the left attacker.

Khalil Al Ghamdi - We love you and we hate you.

Fernandez & Carmona cannot play against Spain.

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