Chile - New Zealand 2-0

Chile played their final friendly match, only three days before the start of the World Cup. Today's opponent was New Zealand in a match that was of unusual character. It was played over 3*30 minutes. Chile got the chance to use many players and some of them got the chance to try different positions. All but six players played today. Those who were out were: Suazo, Valdivia, Pinto, Millar, Gonzalez and Ponce.

I was unable to watch the game, so I have to rely on different reports. Prensafutbol.com write that Sanchéz, Vidal and Orellana were the best players. However those that scored in the 2-0 win were Fierro, after a pass from Fernandez (68') and Paredes, after a center from Vidal (72'). Paredes proved that he can be a substitute for Suazo as a target player.

Chile has now played against relatively weak opponents, except for Mexico, and has won easily. That could be seen as preparation against Switzerland and Honduras, as I see as weak teams. Practicing against a team like Spain will not give much but a low self confidence as a lost is nearly inevitable. 6 points against Honduras and Switzerland is probably enough to take Chile past the group stage, so 1st placers of Group G - here we come.

June 16th: Chile - Honduras 7 days left, my prediction: 4-1

Watch the goals below.

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