Chile - Spain 1-2

The day after. Chile has qualified to the round of 16 against Brazil this Monday. Even though Chile lost to Spain, Switzerland could not manage to win against Honduras. These results lead to Spain winning Group H with 6 points but with better goal difference than Chile.

The game started in a somewhat slow tempo, and Chile had a golden opportunity to take the lead when M. Gonzalez easily could have put the ball behind Casillas, but the ball hit his shinguard missed the open goal. It would have been a different game, with Spain chasing two goals instead. The Mexican referee took charge of the game by starting to blow for everything and started to hand out yellow cards to the Chileans. Medel and Ponce were wrongfully booked in the first 20 minutes. This would mean that Chile's best two defenders will miss the game against Brazil. It could have not started worse. Estrada got a yellow card after a tackle, that was mainly the only right decision in the first half. Right after that, Spain got an opportunity when Bravo put the ball by Villa's feet and he made no mistake and scored from 40 meters into an open goal.

Beausejour got a chance when he was alone with Casillas but missed by centimeters. That would have mean 1-1 but instead Iniesta put all hopes to an end when he scored for Spain after a mistake from a Chilean defender. During that goal, worst player of the tournament, Estrada was sent off after a second yellow card, when he unintentionally (?) interfered golden boy Torres. Torres crocodile tears were sad enough to affect Rodriguez. Every play and decision went against Chile in the first half.

During the second half, Bielsa made some changes when Valdivia and Gonzalez were replaced by Paredes and Millar. Paredes took Gonzalez place and Millar took Estradas place as Valdivia's offensive role was sacrificed.

Millar took the opportunity and gave all Chileans hope when he scored from outside the penalty area with a shot that left Casillas standing still. The rest of the game was a stalemate and Spain seemed confirmed with the result. Chile, with one man less since 40th minute fought very courageous and Rodriguez seemed more humane. Orellana came in with 30 minutes left when he replaced Sanchez who had run throughout the whole match. Pretty much nothing happend from minute 60 and forward.

Notable after the game was:

It would have been a totally different game if Gonzalez had scored in the 8th minute.
Gary Medel was again, Chile's best player.
Villa's goal was a present.
Estrada never should have played.
El Niño vs. El Niño Maravilla ended in a narrow win for Sanchez.
Spain can not be happy with their play.
Marco Rodriguez was totally predictable.
Marco Rodriguez will not be the referee in any more matches.
FIFA and their referees are useless this far.
Yet another red card in the first half.
Estrada, Klose, Gourcuff, Kaita, Kewell and Behrami have been sent off in the first half.
Brazil will, even with Ponce and Medel, be too difficult.
I am sorry Honduras, you were not spectators, thanks for holding Switzerland down.

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