Chile - Brazil 0-3

Chile lost in the round of 16 against Brazil, again. Just as in, almost on the day, twelve years ago at the World Cup in France 1998. That time, Brazil was up 3-0 at halftime but the game ended with 4-1.

Chile started the game very well, they were fearless and had pressure on the Brazilian who were pushed back to defense. After about 10 minutes, Brazil were able to move up a bit and create opportunities. There were many shots from the outside of the penalty area from both teams, but they were either wide or taken by the goalkeepers.

Chile was in the game for 35 minutes where Sanchez and Suazo had the Brazilian defense on hold. Beausejour was also very active with his runs and challenges. Brazil's best man was Maicon at his right side. They got a corner from the right in the 34th minute where Juan got his head on the ball and Bravo was close to saving it. It was no argue, 182 cm Juan's goal was a light of confidence for the Verde-Amarela. A few minutes later, Robinho passed to striker Luis Fabiano, who escaped the offside and scored by rounding Bravo. 2-0 and Chile was down on 9. Chile tried to get up and continue the fight but with Gonzalez's two opportunities wasted at the end of the first half. Bielsa had to do something at the break.

And how he did it! Tello, who I wanted at the left midfield against Spain, and Valdivia came in instead of Contreras and Gonzalez. Contreras was too slow to catch up with the speedy Brazilians and Gonzalez had wasted too many opportunities to gave Bielsa's confidence for the rest of the match.

Vidal was booked early on the second half and Chile lost its fighting power. Man of the match, Robinho got an opportunity to score and took it in the 60th minute. Now it was all or nothing. Last match's success, Millar came in instead of Isla, who had no luck in the right side. Chile tried with many combinations but could not break up Brazil's tight defense. Suazo, Sanchez, Valdivia and Beausejour had semi-opportunities but with no chance of scoring. The game ended and Brazil crushed us again. Now they are up with 47 wins against our 7. Chile is out of the tournament, but with our great play won many new fans from around the world.

Notable after the game was that:
Maicon's dive in the 35th is a sign that he will be joining L.A. Galaxy, close to Hollywood.
Sanchez was only superb against bad competition, but is he good enough for Sir Alex?
Brazil have mental superiority over Chile.
For the first time, the referee was very good.
Brazil's defense was their strength.
Can Luis Fabiano ever have a bad game against Chile?
Valdivia is at his best when he is a substitute.
Bielsa is not afraid of substituting any player that have not achieved good standard.
2005-2010: Brazil - Chile 28-6.
World Cup 2014, Chile will be there.

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