EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup

In about two days, the FIFA World Cup game is out for PS3 and other hardware. You will get the chance to play with Chile, either through the qualifying round or as directly qualified at the World Cup.
There is also a gameplay where you can 'captain your team'. Here you can create your own player or use one of the existing to simply use only this player in the game. What most people use is the multi-player online mode. Play against others who can be anywhere in the world. From Sweden to Australia, or your cousin in Valparaiso. Chile is ranked with 4 stars out of 5.

I have found pictures and videos of how it may look like. The shirts are not similar to the original but it is just details, as long as the players names and stats are correct.

The picture and video is from user jotaplay which I found at EASports.com

Buy it and represent Chile!


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finns det på PS2?

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