Pinilla & Jiménez are out

As I wrote yesterday, Valdés and Pizarro are doubtful about their future in the Chilean team. Now it is Mauricio Pinilla's turn to tell us that he will most likely NOT play for Chile in South Africa. In an interview, the Grosseto attacker said that he gives up hopes in playing for Bielsa's team. He thinks that Bielsa already has a team that he believes in and that "outsiders" like him will not get a chance to prove their skills. Pinilla has played in the national team, however he has shown an immature personality in his younger years that still haunts him. The Serie B top scorer will not play for Grosseto more this season due to an injury and is also placed in several higher ranked Italian clubs. Today there were rumors of Jiménez's Parma has laid an offer for the striker.

At the same time, Jiménez also speaks about the same issue in another interview. He believes that the Italian based players (excluding Sanchéz & Isla) are not a priority for Bielsa's plans. Jiménez speaks warm of Valdés, who is a friend even though their different clubs.

Pictures from: http://www.transfermarkt.de