GOAL interview Jiménez

Chilean player Luis Jiménez was interviewed by Sergio Stanco from football magazine Goal about his career and chances of playing in the World Cup. I present a short passage of the interview, you can read the rest here.

GOAL: What does the Chile national team represent for the people after the Earthquakes?

LJ: Even though I wasn’t a part of the group of players who helped qualify the nation, I think that the players who were a part of the side followed the situation very closely, because the Chilean population did go through an Earthquake.

GOAL: How are your reports with Bielsa? What is your role in the National team?

LJ: With Bielsa, I have an excellent relationship. Before going to West Ham, I needed a document that would allow me to play in England (like a visa), and he helped me to obtain it, saying that I was an important player for the national team. The group of players that he used, though, did very well and seeing that they finished second in the qualification group, I believe that the World Cups go those who have earnt them. Personally, I doubt I will go.

GOAL: A Chilean player you believe is an excellent acquisition for European or Italian football in particular?

LJ: To say [Udinese striker] Alexis Sanchez would be too easy seeing that he is doing very well in Italy. I suggest Waldo Ponce, the Chilean defender who plays for Universidad Catolica.

GOAL: How come Matiaz Fernandez has not been able to impose himself like many imagined?

LJ: I ask myself the same thing (laughs). It is very strange. He arrived in Europe, to Villarreal, after being elected as the best South American player, but has not been able to make a name for himself like he knows. At Sporting now, he is doing well, but not at the level we all expected him to. He is not demonstrating his qualities on a continual basis.

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