Chile - Northern Ireland 1-0

Chile won against Northern Ireland in Chillán with 1-0 after a goal from Colo Colo striker Esteban Paredes which came after a header on a corner from Matias Fernandez after 30 minutes. Chile controlled the whole game but lacked the finalizing touches. Vidal, Fernández and Fierro were the two players who stood up the best. Israel is the next opponent in a few hours (!), this time in Concepción.

Miguel Pinto (Universidad de Chile)

Roberto Cerceda (Colo Colo)
Pablo Contreras (PAOK)
Ismael Fuentes (Universidad Catolica)

Arturo Vidal (B. Leverkusen) Out 76'
Mauricio Isla (Udinese)
Marco Estrada (Universidad de Chile)
Matias Fernández (Sp. Lissabon) Out 90'
Gonzalo Fierro (Flamengo)

Mark Gonzalez (CSKA) Out 64'
Esteban Paredes (Colo Colo) *Goal 30'

Fabian Orellana (Xerez) In 64'
Carlos Ross (Test player, Audax Italiano) In 76'
Felipe Guiterrez (Test player, Universidad Catolica) In 90'

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