Thank You Dunga

As many of you have heard by now, Brazil's manager Dunga has left out many star players which would make Brazil favorites to the World Cup title. Ronaldinho (Milan), Pato (Milan), David Luiz (Benfica), Adriano (Flamengo), Diego (Juventus) and even Ronaldo (the original) are left out of the team.

Why is this important? If we remain optimistic, Chile will get the second spot behind Spain in Group H. They would then meet the number 1 team from Group G; Brazil, Portugal, Ivory Coast or North Korea. With their best team, Brazil would probably take the number one spot. Followed by Portugal or the Ivory Coast. Now that Dunga is coming with a semi-descent team, Brazil taking the first place in Group G is not that obvious anymore. I would much rather see Chile play against Portugal or the Ivory Coast at the round of 16's. I believe that we would have a larger chance of beating Portugal or I.C. than we would against Brazil, due to history. At the World Cup of 1998 in France, Chile advanced from their group to play against Brazil (who made it to the finals) and we got beat with 4-1. Lets hope that history will not repeat itself.

Dunga is today very criticized by many football fans. We should thank him for nominating their B-squad for the World Cup.

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