Saturday goal and failure

Mario Salgado (1-0): Serie B (2010-05-01) Torino - Gallipoli 2-0

Relatively unknown Chilean striker Mario Salgado scored for his Torino against Gallipoli. Salgado is a 28 year old who has been playing for different Italian clubs for almost 10 years. Torino is currently in 6th place, four points up to being promoted to Serie A with four matches left. Salgado has not played for La Roja, except for some sub-20 matches some years ago, and he has only played four games for Torino this season. Therefore I doubt that he will be called up to La Roja for the World Cup. The goal was pretty nice, a header from far away directly from a corner, watch it here below.

Now some sad news. Luis Jiménez has been sent out for the third time this season for Parma. Today in the game against Roma, he received his second yellow card at the 88th minute. As he was lent in from West Ham in January this year, he has as mentioned been sent out three times in eleven games. This is not acceptable for any professional player.

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