Héctor Mancilla is out?

Chilean striker Héctor Mancilla has recently won the Mexican league with his team Toluca. Mancilla scored 23 league goals in 39 games and has won the Mexican Golden Boot two times in a row. However, Mancilla has not been used in the Chilean National team in more than two substitutes during the qualifying round. Mancilla is still in the official 25-man squad, although he has said in an interview that he will not be on the team that will go to South Africa. He feels mistreated and will spend the free-time with his family instead.

Personally I feel that Mancilla would be a great substitute to Suazo, who is not known for having the best stamina. Suazo is also currently recovering from an injury. Chile will need a striker who can score from any opportunity. Now there is only one player left to leave, who will it be? Cereceda or Estrada ... or someone else?

Picture: deportivotolucafc.com

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